Sunday, December 25, 2011

Prince of Peace

The conversation centered on our common struggle with anxiety. 

"It seems as though I'm coming to the end of my tolerance level, and I find myself trying to pray the prayer of surrender these days", my friend said.

"That could be the point of this whole frustrating, painful season, where just normal living becomes so labored and calculated trying to overcome anxiety's gripping tenacles."

"Probably", she responded.

"The bottom line is, do we trust the Prince of Peace, or not?"

"Yes, but it is so hard sometimes."

"I know. I know."

This Prince of Peace who gave up all to come to save us from sin and it's effects, anxiety for example,  is always working to show us His trustworthiness and to coax our hearts to surrender all to him who only has good for us.  Even the difficult distresses of life are ripe opportunities for him to tenderize our affections towards this Lover of our souls.

So this Christmas season may you be encouraged to seek his face, his wisdom, his grace and his gifts of life and love.  Let's make it our goal this new year to know him better. For to know him is to trust and love him more.  You are worth his coming, his death and his ressurection! What a reason to celebrate!

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  1. So true. We need to seek his face, wisdom, grace and gifts of life and love. To do this would be a good New Year's resolution for all of us to make. Thank you for sharing.
    Christmas blessings,


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