Thursday, February 11, 2010

From the Pleasures of God by John Piper

He says the literal translation of Ps 23:6 is "Surely goodness and mercy shall pursue me all the days of my life." John shares an illustration from a teacher who explained it in this way.
"God is like a highway patrolman pursuing you down the interstate with lights flashing and siren blaring to get you to stop--not to give you a ticket , but to give you a message so good it couldn't wait till you get home. God loves to show mercy...His anger must be released by a stiff safety lock, but his mercy has a hair trigger....The point is the contrast between the sluggishness of his anger and the effusiveness of his love."

"God is a mountain stream, not a watering trough. He delights to overflow-to give and give and give! And therefore the gospel is the good new that God does not need a bucket brigade; he wants people who will drink. The qualification for receiving his kingdom is not strength but thirst."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First or Center?

Something I heard and am pondering today. Is Christ first in my life or center of my life? If I consider Him first, I may spend time with Him first thing in the morning and then cross Him off my list. If He is center, He is with my through my day. I am aware of His presence, desires and guidance. He stays at the center of all my day.