Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas Greetings!

Did you ever see the Christmas ditto picture?  Check it out here:
As the busyness of the season closes in, maybe I can 'ditto' some of the lovely newsletters we've been receiving from many of you.  But it doesn't work that way.  Our life, like yours is unique and the year of memories behind us has been woven into each of our life's stories.

Here are a few of our memories I'll hold onto:

Magazine Days with the local Grandkids-a.k.a-  day when the grand kids come over and we read the latest issue and do a related craft and snack

Aubrey (7) daughter of Dan & Kristina

Auron (4) son of AJ and Amanda; Shawn (4) son of Dan & Kris

Times of skyping with Jodi and family in FL.
The boys are growing so fast! Check out these photos Eman created:
Ian (3)
Dominic (1)

Easter weekend brought the extended Showalter family our way and we enjoyed lots of visiting, games and catching up.  What a great time together!

Our trip to PA. in August, with good friends, Steve and Verna, to attend other good friends' son's wedding. The wedding site was close to my sister Lois and husband, and we enjoyed a few days with them as well.

I'll remember this year in my job as the year of changes.  Positions at the library are shifting, and I will be increasing hours and responsibilities.  I enjoy the college setting.
Kevin's job remains the same at Tri-State Air Compressor Co.

The 3 one-year birthdays we celebrated in April, August and November:

Dominic and his 2 Indiana cousins:

Rebecca (1) daughter of Dan and Kris
                                                 Elika (1) daughter of AJ and Amanda

Josh and family came to visit at Thanksgiving.  Jill and Elle are delightful young ladies and we had a bunch of baking, crafting fun together!

Jill (10)
                                                                         Elle (8)

The jaunts to Valparaiso to see Austin, or the places we've met for dinner between our cities, has kept us connected.  His visits home are always welcomed, laundry and all. :)

We'll treasure gatherings with friends from church, and worshipping Sundays with our church family at Harvest Community Church (formerly Zion Chapel).

Most Sunday nights find us snuggled up for a movie and big bowls of popcorn.  I may not remember every movie we watched, but the time we carved out for this relaxation is a highlight of the week.

Keeping up this blog has been a great outlet for spurring on my writing.  I'm thankful for this and Facebook to keep in touch with so many of you and for the new friends I've made.

Whatever your memories are of 2011, the Master Storyteller is editing them with beauty and grace. May He bless you with Peace, Joy, and the Glad Tidings of a Savior born to give us life and to be our constant Companion.   Cheers to the new year ahead!

Love from our home to yours,
Ruth and Kevin Hochstetler


  1. Dear Ruth, what a delightful activity that is. Gathering with grand-kids is such a beautiful things to do. Youth like them could remind us how we are precious and lucky.

  2. your grandkids are beautiful and that little pup adorable.

  3. How nice of you to include us in your blog.
    I love all of my families.

  4. So nice to see all your little lovelies!! Blessings to you this Christmas season!



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