Monday, January 2, 2012

His Bounty

Psalm 65:11


You have crowned the year with Your bounty,
And Your paths drip with fatness.

Good things, benefit, welfare, happiness are things Strong's Concordance lists under the Hebrew word used for bounty in this verse.  May you find His bounty crowning the coming year.
As we know, the good things and the benefits may sometimes be disguised in trouble and sorrow.  To those who love Him and set their hearts on seeking His Kingdom, He will work all of it together for good.
Rebekah's story from Genesis grabbed my attention this week.  Abrahams' servant bathed his mission of finding a wife for Issac in specific prayer for God's leading.  God answered wonderfully, right down to the smallest details of his requests.  As he later told his story to Rebekah's family, God's obvious leading in bringing this servant into their home, became a confirmation that Rebekah had been destined for this mission.   Abraham's generous gifts to the family further sealed their commitment to the proposal, as they knew Rebekah would have more than adequate physical provision.  Rebekah is willing to go and she is given a say in whether she wants to go immediately or wait several days so the family can enjoy a longer goodbye.  She agrees to go with the servant right away as he is anxious to return to his master.  Isaac gladly accepts Rebekah as his wife.  (Find the story in Gen. 24)
Isaac and Rebekah were crowned with bounty.  All involved received goodness.  The bounty was delivered though, through the active participation of the recipients.  Abraham's servant set the scene with his prayers and testimony, Rebekah's family were in tune with God's answering service so that they recognized his signature in the whirlwind of events, and Rebekah had a heart that was ready to go when the opportunity called.  She was sent with the blessing of her family and familiar companions to travel with her. 
Lord, I want to see your bounty this year. 
Make me bold and specific in prayer when making requests, especially on behalf of others.
Help me to recognize your answers and to get to know your ways and methods, even more.
Give me a willing heart for whatever you ask me to do.
May your goodness and mercy follow me all the days of this year, as you shower me with the blessing of others in the Family and the companions to walk with me.


  1. It's amazing how God moves in the lives of people when they let Him. I love this story from the Bible.
    Bless you as you seek His guidance in this new year.

  2. "Good things disguised as trouble." This is so true and many times we don't realize it until later. I love Rebekah's story. I love how all involved were blessed. As I prayed your prayer my heart echoed its own Amen.


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