Sunday, September 13, 2015

When the Relatives Came--continued

Elika, Auron, Amanda, Zane and AJ

The beds were stripped, washed and dressed again.  This time for the Virginian family.  Baby Zane enjoyed the toys Noah had abandoned, and we didn't miss a beat of the baby grins and noises.  The high chair stayed in the kitchen and the cupboard was restocked with mac and cheese and other kid friendly eats.
Zane with a ready smile!

We kept the Uno cards handy and the Lego's continued to invite young builders to new constructions. Bike rides were frequent with Grandma or Grandpa jogging alongside Elika who wanted a spotter close by.  Pokemon episodes on Netflix were popular with both Elika and Auron not just to watch, but to act out in pretend play.  With all that exposure, I'm still not sure what Pokemon is all about!

Elika loves collaborating with me in the kitchen.  We kept up our tradition of making cinnamon rolls. Since her birthday was close we decided to celebrate early.  She helped me make a castle cake for her fifth birthday.

Our local investment firm invited clients to dinner at the South Bend minors Cubs stadium.  We each enjoyed favorite parts of the evening--Grandpa actually watching the game, Grandma keeping watch in the inflatable kiddies section while Auron and Elika bounced the night away, Zane snoozing in Mommy's front pack and AJ purchasing souvenirs in the store.  Fireworks capped off the event as we prepared to head home.

Great Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed a visit from the relatives.  Having moved from this area only two years ago, AJ and Amanda had church friends and other family to see, too. We did manage to have enough time to visit The Chief, of course! and several evenings we dueled at grueling matches of Euchre between the ladies and the gents after the kids were in bed.
Great Grandparents enjoy the visit! 

Great Grandma toys never grow old


More Cousin Playdates

Bubble Suds

Cousin Beauties!

The day arrived to say our goodbyes.  The other side of the family came over to send them off, too, and we filled the house with our last minute conversations and well wishes.  After all the hugs and kisses, the Viriginians eventually drove away while the huddle of relatives waved goodbye from the front lawn.

Hubby and I turned and walked into our empty, quiet house.  It had been a summer full of bodies and blessing, movement and memories, grace to face the challenges and love to linger long into the future.

Thank you, Father, for children and grandchildren.  Thank you for creating family and the way you continue to pass on your love and faithfulness to future generations through Godly parents.  May we each take our place in this legacy of faith and serve you with fervent, grateful hearts. 

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