Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book Review-The Fight by Luke Wordley

While not a suspense novel, this story had page-turner allure that kept me up past my bedtime and delivered plenty of emotional hooks and faith-building punches. Set in London, this is a story of an at risk kid, Sam, whose life eventually intersects with a boxing trainer. Jerry, is passionate about using the sport to help kids like Sam find meaning, discipline and faith in God.

Life without a father and an alcoholic mother has left Sam angry, failing in school and hopeless. Jerry sees potential in Sam and knows the anger, or the 'fight', that courses through Sam's being, when harnessed, will one day make him a champion boxer.

Beyond praying with his fighters before a match, Jerry's Christian witness is subtle. However we learn of his struggles with faith, and his relationship with a God-fearing wife, as Jerry's story also unfolds. But just enough information is withheld to keep us in suspense about Jerry's background until the end of the book.

The road to healing and success for Sam has many setbacks. Jerry's faith is severely tested .Can the demons of their pasts be overcome?  I found the conclusion satisfying and I admire the author's ability to create a story of believable characters who demonstrate how God works in individuals to redeem their past, shape their future and work all things together for good.  God wrestles with the sinner's heart, before they even know him, and continues to refine them after they have accepted his salvation.  Find these signs of grace and love as you follow Sam and Jerry in The Fight.

The book is easy to read and would be suitable for middle school age youth, as well as teens and adults. While the book is about boxing, it isn't bogged down with technical jargon and will appeal to a non-sports reader.

I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House.

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