Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Time to Laugh

After a long day of work, I headed to the grocery store, not the time I would have chosen, but the best time I could fit into my schedule. The store was crowded and I had more items than usual to find and toss into the cart. In spite of following the list closely I ended up missing the raisins and zigzagged, backtracked, asked directions from a stocker until I finally located the wrinkled goodies in Aisle 6.  I smiled to the checkout bagger and headed for the exit with the cart full of grocery bags stacked up off-kilter like a child's block tower, anxious to get on home.  As I stepped from the sliding doors to the outside of the store I discovered it was raining more than a drizzle's worth, and I hunkered down into my neck scarf and prepared for the sloshy -cart -pushing -dash to the car. Confident this time that I knew where I had parked, I beelined for the far side of the parking lot. Less than 20 steps later I realized I had first thought of parking where I was headed and then had changed my mind and gone to the other end of the car laden lot. By now I was in the last parking aisle on the edge of things, in more ways than one. This lane had a concrete barrier along one side so there were no diagonal moves to a shortcut to my car--only to continue a long way straight ahead to the end of the barrier where I could then turn and head across two other aisles to my golden 4-wheeled haven that awaited me. The rain was drenching my hair, the plastic bags were failing to protect the groceries, and the puddles from melting snow were getting deeper the farther I trudged. Laughing at myself, I imagined the watching people in the cars I encountered,  probably making sport of the older lady who had "lost" her car.  I would not get an exercise session in that day because of time commitments, so I thanked God for the unexpected round-about jaunt that added steps to my day.

Wouldn't there always be something to be thankful for in the mistakes, blunders and predicaments we get ourselves into if only we'd look for the positive and laugh at the absurd?

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
I Thes, 5:16-18

Lord, help me be quick to acknowledge your goodness that is always with me. In all the moments of life your love is everlasting.  

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  1. Been there, done that. :) It's good you could find the humor in it. It probably would have taken me a few days to laugh about it. ha.


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