Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday thoughts that linger

Sunday, Bill Fuller shared at Zion. He has a passion for drawing people to Jesus and seeing them become followers. One of the ministries he's implemented at his church is the Red Bag Ministry. Several of us at Zion were in training on Sat. to understand how the ministry works and is carried out. Baisically, every Sunday now, there will be an invitation given at the end of the service for anyone who wants to begin a journey of following Jesus Christ to come up after the meeting and pick up a red bag. A trainee will ask anyone who takes a bag whether they can unpack the bag with them. Inside the bag are tools to help share the story of God's salvation love work through Jesus, a Bible to get them started on their journey and information of how to connect with the community at Zion.
Bill's sermon shared many inspiring stories of lives changed. He also shared a media clip of John Ortberg sharing on the status of many Christians in America. There's a progression path to Jesus of starting as strangers, then moving to admirers and then followers. Many though, after becoming admirers, end up being users. They use Jesus as a entrance requirement into heaven and then live as they please, with a flair for looking like a submitted Christian. There is a big difference between admirers and followers.
God is doing a good work of messing with our hearts and setting us up to fish for people.

Lord, for me it starts with asking you again, for a heart that sees people as you do, to have your love and passion for those who do not yet know the joy I share with you. My heart is yours. Lead me and I will follow.

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