Thursday, July 28, 2016

Travel Continues to Tulsa

The previous post highlighted the visit from my daughter Jodi and her three sons.  After the mad dash with her and the boys in Atlanta to the departure gate for Pensacola, and after our hasty goodbyes, I sank into a nearby seat, unharnessed myself from my heavy backpack and waited until their plane had taxied out to the runway.  I had at least two hours until my plane would leave for Tulsa. Frankly, I needed some down time. 

I found my gate area and perused the concourse for food options.  I decided on a taco bowl and then settled down for the wait.  Waiting is never dull; catching up on Facebook, making a phone call, playing a turn on Words With Friends, reading a book or maybe engaging in conversation with a stranger.  But the two hour wait turned into three hours as the plane was delayed.  Amazingly, no one seemed irritated or upset.  Tulsa bound folks must just be nice that way:)  I knew the three handsome family members picking me up would be there, even at the later arrival time.

What a nice reception by Josh, Jill and Elle! Hugs all around and then off to their house. I hadn't counted on how relaxing and rejuvenating this time would be.  Like waking up the next morning to a quiet house and a much later start-your-day time.  Both teens now, the girls enjoy sleeping in and Josh does his work from home on the main floor; I slept upstairs in Brayden's king-size bed-another pampering plus as I could sprawl myself and my stuff out in one big space. Brayden wasn't home until my last night there, so Thank You, Brayden, for sharing your awesome bed.

I'm a decaf coffee girl, and when Josh realized he had not planned for my coffee preference, he offered to go out to Starbucks in the mornings to bring me my cup of joe. How kind, Josh.  Thank you! So I woke up that first morning to coffee on the counter and a planning powwow to all decide what we would do in the few days I was there. Meals included the ladies making lasagna one day, with fresh basil and oregano from the garden in the backyard, grilled ribs per Josh's perfected recipe and out to eat to celebrate the girl's birthdays which happen in July. I felt wonderfully treated on all counts!  Of course, the ladies also made a shoofly pie, a family tradition when we get together.

Elle had played tennis on the school team so she and I headed to the courts mid-morning.  Our time was cut short as a mean Oklahoman storm churned up and chased us back home. (It might have ended abruptly otherwise, too, because I pulled a hamstring just before we quit.  Ugh!)  The tornado siren was sounding as we pulled into the garage and just as Josh and I were following the storm's path on the news channel and deciding the safest place to hideout in their basementless house, the warning was changed to a watch and the worst possibilities were no longer headed our way.  But the storm was brutal with high winds, thunder and lightening and some hail, and lasted quite long.

Again, I don't have a lot of pictures to show of our time together, but our outings included driving  golf balls in the Flying Tee facility and a wonderful day of shopping.  The girls had birthday money to spend and it was fun to tag along.  My buying was limited; not much room to add many new purchases to my traveling bags. The birthday celebration happened at The Cheesecake Factory-oh yeah, need I say more! Thanks for the scrumptious meal, Josh!
Happy Birthday, Elle and Jill!

There was lots of lazying around, too, watching Netflix (not cartoons- a change up from the 3 weeks previous :), playing card games like Hearts and Euchre, visiting with Josh, getting whipped in Scrabble by Josh ( I taught him well) and just doing my own thing at times, when social media captured the girls behind doors in their bedrooms.

I visited their church Sunday morning and then enjoyed time with Kira and Brayden, who returned home that afternoon.  I wish I could have had more time with them.

The time had come to pack my bags.  Again, the bittersweet feelings.  I looked forward to returning home to my wonderful husband and an only-Kevin-there-house,  but was sad to leave these dearly beloved family.

Goodbyes were said Monday morning, and I was on my way.  Thank you, Josh, Jill and Elle, for a very enjoyable visit.  I'm so proud to claim you all as family. I love you more than words can tell.

"The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord make his face to shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face towards you and give you peace."

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