Friday, June 10, 2016

Her One and Only-Book Review

Becky Wade has created a warm and pleasant story that was fun to read. Gray Fowler, a NFL superstar, is being stalked.  When death threats ensue, his team hires a protection agency to guard him until the offender is caught. Dru Montana, a young, attractive female is assigned to his case, much to his chagrin. In order to explain her constant presence when out in public, he asks Dru to pose as his girlfriend.

Dru is determined to catch her client's stalker. As she draws closer to uncovering the mystery, she also finds her heart drawing closer to her client. However, romantic relationships on the job are forbidden. Her convictions further complicate things as she believes she can only give her heart to someone who shares her Christian faith, and Gray doesn't appear to fit that bill.

The author does a great job of switching voices between these two main characters.  As the drama intensifies we're left guessing who the stalker is.  That answer and Gray's safety isn't revealed until  the very end of the book.

I found myself often relishing the author's word choices and metaphors; this is better writing than many other Christian novels I've read.  The book has good character development and believable personalities.  We get to know family members who provide backstory and an understanding of the stark contrast between Gray and Dru's backgrounds. The Christian message is subtle, but not just stuck in here and there to fit into this genre. The life changing power of God's Spirit is present.

You'll find this book fun and lightly suspenseful with tender moments, playful exchanges and some thoughtful conversations. 

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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