Sunday, May 10, 2015

Contrasts to Live In

What was a mug with a broken off handle doing in the cupboard of the break room at work? Kitchen vessels and utensils were haphazardly grouped together on all the shelves, but pathetic as they were no others were so acutely crippled. Not only did it’s chipped off stump give me pause, but I had to smile at the juxtaposition of it’s message only inches from the ceramic break off.  “Healing the world peace by peace”. My first thoughts were proverbial-“Physician, heal thyself!”  But who of us that desires to be healers of peace are perfectly whole? Aren’t we rather pieces of our own story that need a Puzzle Builder to fit us into a picture that can be recognized and appreciated?  I submit to your work, Healer.

Weary from a week of activity that bulged with meetings, appointments and commitments I drove away from my in-laws’ house.  Their son and I had taken them a meal and shared some love and life into their quiet, slow-moving surroundings. My course meandered through The Villas each one dressed like her neighbor; like the popular classmates who frequent the same clothing boutique. Near the entrance to the neighborhood, the park area held playground tikes and elders working in the community garden patch.  In spite of my haste to get to the next function I spied four humps near the edge of the garden close together and pointed upwards.  A second glance found the bodies they belonged to lying flat on the ground, hands casually behind their heads.  Only children and elderly take time to view the heavens like that, I thought, remembering childhood days of lying just that way and imagining shapes in the clouds.  I set that image against my busyness and realized peace and quiet was only a choice away.  Help me bend my knees and lie on the green pastures you provide, Shepherd.

Two women begin a Bible Study together.  One a young mom surrounded by diapers, super heroes, kindergarten drawings and raspberry kisses, and the other managing college library student workers and data, fixing copier jams and processing periodicals.  One holds a baby while reading the study book, while the other holds a steaming cup of coffee as she begins the morning reading in her favorite chair. It might not work for the stay-at-home mom, mostly one-handed, to type out thoughts on a Facebook Group; perhaps phone conversations will be the best way to share the insights they are both reaping from the study. Contrasting worlds will make for interesting interchanges of study applications! Thank you for the riches in your Word and special women to share them with!

Thank you for  life’s contrasts to love and learn from, Father. I am so thankful you made people to pass  through stages and ages. For variety and surprises and eyes, ears and emotions to enjoy them. You are good!

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