Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thankful for Taken-for-Granted Blessings

Auron, meets Mr. Snowman! Handshaking isn't necessary.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: Eccl 3:1

Knowing our limits, the husband and I booked a room about halfway along the road trip east. Leaving early from our work day we were taxiing out of the driveway about 1pm, luggage in the far back and snacks and reading material within easy reach behind the front seats. Mr. H does most of the driving while I cast scrutinizing glances at his eyes, ready to catch and reel in any shut eye, red eye, sudden jerks or other sleep related harbingers. It's not easy being a Sleep Detector and I'm as ragged as the driver when we finally stop for the bed we reserved.

This trip,  impending snow storms were following us and in all likelihood, if we stayed the night, the storms would overtake us. The morning drive would add slippery roads stress to Mr. H's driving and much anxiety to the Detector.  Like the let down of discovering movie night won't happen because the case of the carefully selected rented movie is minus its disc, we canceled our  awaiting room of bed, pillows, close by toilet and relief for body, soul and mind. We would keep driving, stretching our traveling resources, hoping our faculties were elastic enough.

Hours 11 through 14 were the worst. We kept teeth chomping on pretzel sticks and trail mix, while Mr. H was running on a substitute for Dunkin. The library's copy of The Book Thief on CD kept our minds preoccupied and every now and then Ms. GPS would regurgitate her commands in the background.

We arrived safely to our final destination in the foggy state between awake and asleep. The new day would  begin late the next morning after sweet sleep and rest.
Thank you, Father, for a safe trip!

After a quirky day this week of being connected to EKG teats for a very intimate test and being exposed to the x-ray machine, my condition was pronounced not life threatening, but significant enough for a follow up procedure that will happen later next week. How quickly life can change when health concerns are uncovered!
Thank you, Healer, for your care and protection and for medical experts who know what to do to help in our healing.

A call from a friend, a text from family, a baby shower invite in the mail, my dad gifting me with my no-longer-living-mother's Bible and eating the big bowl of fresh popped corn Mr. H made after supper are happy reminders that I have much to be thankful for.
Thank you, Father, that you are a sun and shield; you bestow favor and honor; no good thing do you withhold from those whose walk is blameless (Ps. 84:11)

That trip out East included days with family and grand kids. Even though we had wandered to a more southern latitude, the snow was bent on keeping us company. In it's grip, school was canceled and we had more time to play with Auron and Elika.  Snow play and indoor play. (Did you know there is a newer version of the "Sorry" game? Some ingenious parent or victim of playing the former longest-game-in-the-world  came up with brilliant ideas to make the game go faster and get everyone safely home sooner!)  But just maybe they outdid themselves as now it is easier to repeat the game. We certainly came close to some kind of record, I'm sure.
Thank you, Creator of families, for grand kids who connect us to youthfulness.

These are a few of my favorite things today. What is on your taken-for-granted list?

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