Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Greetings From 2014

God's goodness through the year we see.
Here's our news from A-Z.                              

A-Austin and Ashley get married Jan. 18.  Ashley works for Indiana Wesleyan in Merriville, IN, and Austin continues his social work job in the same area.
B-Babies! Dec. 13, Noah Gerard was born to Jodi and Emmanuel.  He makes son number 3 for them. Amanda will have baby Zane the end of January, and Austin and Ashley are adding one more to the new cousin list in June.
C-Charades is one of our favorite grand kid games- nice to have graduated from Candyland!
D-Dan and Kristina give us the joy of having family close by.  Dan enjoys his construction job and volunteering for the Jefferson fire department.  Kristina is keeper of the home and has started a business selling Perfectly Posh products for women.  Check it out online at
E-Elle, 11, and Jill, 13, spent about 9 days with Papa and I here in Indiana. We crafted, went shopping, visited relatives, took in a musical and made generational discoveries together.
F-Fun in the sun at Lake Michigan in August as we spent a weekend there with two other couples.  A very relaxing get-away.
G-Goshen College still employs me, Ruth, in the library. There were huge changes on campus this year which included a  different director for the library. The transition has been good, and I find myself with a few more job responsibilities which has actually enhanced my work. 
H-Harvest, our church, is transitioning to a new pastor.  We are beginning to meet a candidate who seems promising. He hails from the Carolinas and has a young family.
I-Involved with caring for Kevin's mom and dad who each had major surgery within two weeks of each other; both ended up in Greencroft rehab center in the same room for 6 weeks.  They are now doing well, although they are still recouping and making adjustments to their new healthy; dad can't drive anymore so mom is the chauffeur.
J-Josh and Kira hosted us for a few days in Tulsa in July.  We were excited to see the nice home they had just purchase earlier in the year. They continue to excel in their jobs and both of them have the privilege of doing a large share of their work at home. It was great to visit and play together. (Raise your hand if you remember the game Pit?) Their household  bustles with the teen and preteen activities of  Jill, Elle and Brayden(14). Cody rounds out the family and is currently living as a student at Oklahoma State.
K-Keeping up with friends brings joy, opportunities for laughter and fun, and support in the not so fun times.
M-Memories are easy to capture now with iPhones close. You'll find a sampling at the end of the letter.
N-Nights of sleepovers with Dan's 3 kids-Aubrey, 10, Shawn, 7, and Rebecca, 4. Hide-and-Seek, Dominoes, and always pancakes for breakfast-a cooperative effort.
O-October visit to Florida for Nana. Ian, 6, and Dominic, 4, took Nana on walks, played whiffle ball with her in the front yard, and Ian showed off his new reading skills by reading her a book. Their pregnant mother took Nana to coffee shops and the beach.
P-Popcorn is still the Sunday evening staple in our household.  Kevin makes it on the stove, and we carry our big bowls of popped delight downstairs for a Netflix show. #thefavoritewaytospendasundayevening
Q-Quite humbled to be able to serve our church as Conflict Solution peacemakers, Kevin a hospitality greeter, and me the church librarian.
R-Regular communication with Joe's elderly parents in southern IN and Dad and Lena Showalter in VA.  They are all holding their own and finding joy in life despite their physical and mental limitations. Dad Schrock has lost short-term memory, Mom Schrock struggles with verbal expression as a result of a stroke a couple of years ago, and Lena is still trying to regulate heart issues. We are so thankful for their Godly examples of growing older with grace and dignity.
S-Sorrow in losing a close friend to cancer in May. Mike still lives on in our hearts. We relate closely to Mary Ellen, his wife. God's grace has abounded in the situation, and we are privileged to have been front row participants in His delicate care for her and their grown sons.
T-Thanksgiving was a week long event this year as Amanda, AJ, Auron and Elika came from VA to stay with us. We enjoyed evenings together and a traditional meal of celebration. Auron, 7, is learning to read and Elika, 4, enjoys puzzles and coloring. They are looking forward to welcoming baby Zane into the family the end of January..
U-Unveiled revelations from the Father as we both seek to know Him better; His rewards are out of this world!
V-Very intense 12 weeks of Fight Club for Kevin.  Fight Club brings men together through Facebook posts and midnight meetings to learn how to discipline their lives so they can "fight" for their families and the kingdom of God more effectively. Kevin had weekly assignments that required running miles per week, sit ups and push ups, social engagements that were stretching-like praying for strangers, and spiritual challenges of reading scripture and related books. I'm proud of Kevin's dedication and successful graduation from the program.  He has glowing reports of how God used the time to change him into a better man.  He prays to continue to "maintain the gain".
W-Work at Tri-State Compressed Air remains both a blessing and a challenge for Kevin. His work days are long, but his attention to detail and his organizational skills make him a valuable employee.
X-number of days until the Schrock kids and us reunite in Florida over New Years.  I'm looking forward to meeting Noah, helping his mom and spending some time with Josh's family and Austin and Ashley as they vacation close by.
Y-Yikes, I'm almost done and forgot to mention how special you all are to us. We consider our relationships our greatest assets. Thank you for being there!
Z-Zane will be the next grandchild to be born. It's good to have a Z name in the family!

Thank you for reading to the end.  Notice any letter missing?
Merry Noe.....L and a Happy New Year blessing!
Kevin and Ruth

Austin and Ashley

Elle, Aubrey and Jill with Papa
Josh and Kira
Jodi, Ian, Dominic, Emmanuel
Amanda, Elika, AJ, Auron
Aubrey, Kristina, Shawn, Dan, Rebecca

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