Sunday, March 30, 2014

True Identity

Inner urging led me to the credit card website. It wasn't customary for me to check recent activity between statements, but here I was opening the link to see what my card had purchased.  Amazon ebooks for under $2-check, gas station fillups-check, Verizon, Netflix-check, check, both expected expenses settled into their monthly hangouts on my account.  Then I spied a larger than usual charge trying to appear inconspicuous among the regulars. Further down the column several more out-of-place villains were lurking amidst the legits. I checked their sources with a sinking feeling. Unfortunately, I had been duped.

A phone call later, my account was sanitized and a new card issued.  Not too ruffled, I was glad to have caught the culprit's scheming and hoped for the best.  About a week later, the mail brought me a credit card in my name for a chain drugstore account. I called the company and learned someone had applied for the card using my credentials. The fraud department of the company closed the account and I cut up the card. Surely, just coincidence, I assured myself, trying to assuage the growing suspicion inside.

The tax refund check was next; nice chunk of change to spend.  Only it wasn't mine. We hadn't filed this year's taxes yet. All evidence pointed to identity theft, and I began the procedures to make reports and check credit.

Questions loom: how? when? who? I may never know. But I'm trusting that the One who protects me and watches over my affairs will continue his vigilance and my heart is quieted in that confidence. No, he didn't stop this from happening, but I'm certain he has a reason and living in this world just isn't perfect and free from adverse circumstances.

I experienced one kind of identity theft, but I know there are many whose identity has been stolen by the enemy of our souls. They've been duped to believe they could never be accepted by a righteous God or that receiving his identity would mean slavery and loss of freedom to live life their way. Others accept an identity the Creator never intended for them be. Twisted thinking by politically correct voices gave them permission to choose lies for the Truth.  Making sense of hurtful circumstances came through the lenses of comforters who were not committed to the Truth of the Word.

The Good News is there is identity in Jesus Christ that is abundant life. It is all we need for life and godliness. It gives us a heart that wants His ways above all else, to keep learning what His good and perfect will is and to honor and obey his word no matter where it leads us. It allows us to bring our questions, our past hurts and ugliness to the Comforter and Healer. Where the shaking fist is slowly opened by his loving fingers and becomes an outstretched hand ready to receive grace and transforming love. From there answers will come and eyes will be opened.  It will be his grace that brings freedom to change thinking and doing and longings-  inner peace.

Teach me your purposes for my life and lead me in those good works you prepared in advance for me to do, and that you've fashioned me uniquely to fulfill. Your love overcomes whatever keeps us from total abandonment to trusting your work in us and in those around us. Fill me with this love.


  1. Hi Ruth! Oh my gosh, that identity theft stuff sounds horrible! It's so great that you got right on it, and defended yourself. Great comparison to having our identities stolen by the enemy. And he is very stealthy and tricky too. Sometimes that voice inside sounds a lot like me, but it really isn't. It's negativity and blame and all the things that make me feel bad about myself.

    I hope I am always as vigilant as you were with your credit cards!
    Have a blessed Monday :)

  2. Ooh, so sorry that happened to you! Identity theft is one of those things that happens to "other people," not to us. Wrong. But yes, so thankful that nothing can change our identity in Christ! It's the place we are truly safe.

  3. I'm so sorry you had to go thru this and praying it has ended. Thank you for the spiritual truth God gave you and that you are passing on. Great analogy and great gift from God.


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