Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Summertime Visit

She came from down south,
Brought Ian and Dominic, 4 & 2
Filled Nana's house with noise and toys
And so much fun.

She wanted to visit places of home, still in her heart, 
Local restaurants, a nearby lake we had often
Picnicked at, the Elkhart County Fair,
And a long time friend.


So we introduced the boys to these Indiana places,
Baby animals to pet at the fair, kiddie rides,
Chief ice cream cones, more than once,
Downtown Goshen, and a miniature train display.

This daughter now shops resale,
The bargain hunting gene finally showing up
Nana buys trucks and cars, while she
Finds heavier clothes for this up north weather.

The living room carpet hides during their stay,
Under the scattered puzzles, books, cars and games.
The dolls sit prettily in their carriages, 
Until the girl cousins come over.

The boys have no cuddling in mind,
More fun to roll the dollies down the stairs
And laugh at their tumble. Then back to
Playing air hockey.

Nana found a perfect sized bike for Ian,
At the resale shop, affording some cool rides
Together, around the neighborhood,
Exploring every cul de sac.

Dominic loved the swing in the neighborhood park,
Cousins threw stones in the creek there and
Climbed into the playground fort
Where Nana read a story.

We tie-dyed tee shirts in the yard,
Had a picnic in the town park ,
Tumbled with Uncle Austin
And played lots of Uno.

We listened to Bob and Larry sing silly songs,
EVERY time we were in the car, and
Nana got her fill of hugs and kisses, (and Bob and Larry!)
Carrying Dominic close, often, because he asked.

Papa got in on the fun when he came home from work,
And Daddy flew up to join us later in the week.
What a happy reunion at the airport!
Daddy's legs were swarmed with hugs and squeals.

Bedtime rituals didn't work as usual at Nana's,
There was plenty of stalling and getting out of bed
For water,  to wipe noses, to report on ouchies
And to get tucked in again.

We played hard and this Nana stayed up later,
And now that they are gone, it's quiet,
Nana is catching up on sleep and missing

Missing  Dominic's spontaneous chuckle,
The sparkle in Ian's eye at a new discovery,
And "Geard Jesus, bless this food, AMEN!"
Jesus is dear and good all in one word to Dominic.

Missing the companionship of a daughter,
Who shares my love of healthy cooking,
Starbucks coffee and games of Scrabble.
Who is kind and thoughtful and a friend I cherish.

Maybe someday we'll live closer,
But for now, we'll make the most of these times together,
And thank our heavenly Father for family and love, laughter and

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