Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sunday's Comin'

Guess what happens in a rainstorm when you are in a building with windows like this? If you can't tell by the picture,  there are no panes over this opening.

As we continued to wait around Saturday afternoon, it began to rain.  Not a light gentle rain, but a downpour with blowing winds and thunder and lightening. Driving wind was sending rain into our little dormitory, along the women's side of the room. We scrambled to move mattresses, tossing beds on top of others in the center and along the opposite wall. Some of our Costa Rican friends tacked a black plastic tarp over the windows on the outside.  It felt safe to move the mattresses back and we started settling down once again.

Here's what the tarp looked like the next day.

Kevin and I had bed space in the center of the room about  8 feet from and directly in line with the back double doors of the church. Just when we thought things were under control, Kevin let out a shout as a huge finger of water was trundling from the back door towards our mattresses. Some of our crew scurried to move the beds out of the path of the moving puddle. Others threw towels at the hydro trespasser. Rugs were gathered from the other door and shoved up against the crack under the back door.  Someone brought a basin to wring the towels into. Those same towels were flung back on the floor, trying to soak up more of  the relentless flow. After several minutes, the water subsided. Our local friends had brought tape to the rescue this time and adhered it to the outside of the back doors.

                         The Water Invasion

We had a few minutes to catch our breath and then another outcry came from the front of the room where water had decided to attack us from the front side door. Once again items got tossed to what we hoped was a safe place and more water was sopped up.  All this activity was accompanied by loud thunder and impressive lightening; the inside lights switched off and on several times.

At last the rain died down, the floors were mostly dry and we could get our things back to order. Supper was ready, so we headed to eat.  During the meal, the familiar van pulled up and there was a moment of silence as all eyes were focused on the door about to open. Taylor deboarded smiling and looking good. Others had also returned, much better, and we all clapped and shouted with thanksgiving. A shout-out to Sam, who speaks Spanish and rode with Taylor to the clinic, and to Matt Gillan who helped us communicate while George and Sam were gone.

Steve and George arrived shortly after that.  They had been visiting the clinic and hospital, getting information and medicine for the sick ones. Apparently, Norwin, the first man who had gotten sick, had drunk water out of a hose that had been lying on the ground. The best guess they had for the other illnesses was food poisoning. It was thought that a bad batch of cheese had been served. Most of us had eaten cheese that morning, but there was good cheese served alongside the infected cheese. I am so thankful that not more of us had gotten sick.  We ended the day with our usual devotions and with relieved and thankful hearts to our Father who was taking care of us.

The next morning, Steve gave the T-shirt award to Taylor.  No one deserved it more!

Sunday After Breakfast

We anticipated a day of rest for Sunday. The community bedroom would have to be converted back to a church sanctuary, however, which meant hauling all the mattresses and luggage over to the dining area after breakfast.

                          Sam made a Gabriel Sandwich with his mattress.

People began to come for church. Besides our group and the Grecia people, about 25 others showed up. We were asked to sing two songs as a group and Sharon, Melissa, and Matt Gillan gave a testimony. George interpreted. Sharon has a chronic hip disability, but during her time in CR and with all the hard work she did, she shared that God had given her strength and she did not feel any more discomfort than she does normally at home.  PLT! Melissa shared her story of God's healing her of a serious kidney dysfunction a year ago. Matt shared in Spanish, so I'm not sure what he said, but I'm sure it was a blessing.:)  Did you know Matt can talk Spanish just as fast as he talks in English?!
From the back of the church

Steve than shared an excellent word from the story of Job.  I found this photo from one of Melissa's albums. It looks like a page from her journal.  Nice job of summing things, up, Melissa!

Of course, right after the meeting the mattresses had to be moved from the mess hall. We returned them to our "spots" and looked forward to the afternoon.  George had planned a special excursion for us.

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  1. Another great episode!! Plenty of tests, but He helped you!


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