Sunday, February 24, 2013

What Makes You Cry?

Tears happen. Whether from joy, sadness, or frustration, and at times unexplained or unexpected, these salty droplets randomly punctuate my emotions.

During church today when we listened to a video clip from Frank Peretti's testimony, I felt them.
--compassion for those bullied and ridiculed

As my husband and I circled the living room our feet moving in the Texas Ten step dance, my eyes burned with those familiar pre-tear sensations. Our bodies were moving in sync, it felt so good and our practice had not been in vain.
--kudos for accomplishing something that required effort

I prayed for insight for those who seem to have let  "pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God" cloud their thinking.  My spirit longs for those close to me to see truth and understand the love and grace of their God, and how he yearns for relationship with them. Somehow intense prayer turns on my tear ducts.
--longing for change and better things for someone else

The tear switch may be flipped to on when reading a book.  Miraculous Movements stirred up the well as I read of many Muslims being personally visited by our Lord through visions and dreams.  The workers who are discipling them are so passionate in their mission and full of love for the ones they work among.
--a craving to see God work in and through me and in those I encounter

I woke up several mornings lately feeling weary, anxious and weak.  I know where my strength resides and my curling up into the Father's presence for more of his grace and enabling was accompanied by teary cries for help.  In these moments, text messages via Scripture give me hope and make his presence real.  When the words come to my mind automatically from previous meditation or memorization, the Spirit's whispers make me cry even more.
--vulnerability, anxiousness and worry
--the sweet comfort of the Holy Spirit

While writing this post I came across this blog entry by John Piper.
John Piper wakes up sometimes with a 'fragile' morning syndrome!  Just realizing that I'm not alone and that others experience similar things, brings comfort and encouragement, and yes, tears.  :)
--the sweet comfort of the Holy Spirit through others

In the course of running some errands in a bustling morning of activity, I paused to listen to a breaking heart. Her marriage was tearing apart. She was in the midst of making hard decisions and feeling alone. She wept in pain, and my eyes watered sympathetically as I prayed for her.
--the ability to feel and care for others and to be about my Father's business

OK, I'll say it.  There are times my eyes burn when I say our national pledge of allegiance. I am one voice among a crowd of people who all share in the abundance of a prospering, peaceful country. (I didn't say perfect, and I'm not in denial about the sins and godlessness of our times) We may not have much else in common, but we know these same words and we share this piece of the world together.
--gratefulness for the good things we have and the brief moment of unity I feel with my fellow citizens

I cry when hurtful words are hurled at me. Sometimes when a friend is insensitive. When I know I've done wrong and am sorry. When the day feels overwhelming and I just want to stop and relax. When rejection makes me feel worthless and unwanted.
When I don't get my way?  Ummm...I can't say it hasn't happened.

These salty companions bring release; they are the bridge that takes me from emotion to clearer thinking, to a calm place once again, to the Father's presence where all pretenses melt away and everything is uncovered and laid bare. Oh, what a privilege to be known and loved like that!

So what makes you cry? Do you let the tears bring you to His presence?

"If  any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."  James 1:5.

That covers any reason for tears. That and his never failing love.

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  1. So often tears come because we are sorry for no one but ourselves. This is a good reminder.
    Have a blessed Sunday...


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