Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Crazy Lover!

Don't stop, Father,
Drawing me into this intimacy,
I'm giving in to your embrace.
Here I am, again
For more.

Train my ear to listen,
Your voice is sweetness.
Even when waiting is required.
You are the sureness
Of things hoped for.

Whether surrounded by cynics,
Or praying with an acquaintance,
Censured with the sentence of cancer,
Your power is great enough.
Residing in me, crazy, but true.

I saw you in the film,
Thursday night at church.
"Father of Lights", Love ablaze!
Coursing through the messengers,
Touching bodies, making creatures new.

I stopped on the way home,
To cry awhile, to tell you
How much I want my heart renewed.
Activate my longing with
Your Love passion.

Words linger, grow, germinate,
From the film, the pastor's mouth,
Whatever carrier you speak through.
I'm prone to forget, wilt-susceptible,
My Gardener, water, weed daily.

Choice plantings this week, seedlings.
That you are the only God who seeks for me
Spreads a table for me,
Unlike gods who demand I give first.
Harvest huge yield off this one, please!

I'm positioning to encounter you,
Desperate to know you, infuse more Love,
Reveal yourself in reading The Book, in others,
I'm cultivating receptivity,
Certain of things hoped for!

Trailer for the film mentioned, "Father or Lights".


  1. Hi Ruth
    Your words echo the cry of every seeking heart ... every heart yearning for our God! Like deep cry unto deep thank you for this thoughtful poem. Nice to meet you at Spiritual Sundays, this is my first visit to your blog and I was pleasantly surprised by your poem.
    Blessings XX

  2. If only we were all moved like that to seek Him and His heart! Great post.

  3. Wonderful words! Thank you for sharing your heart. I will check out this movie.


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