Sunday, November 25, 2012

Childish Things

So I held my two year old grandson on my lap and began to sing-song the little ryhme while bouncing him slowly and then faster until he was giggling gleefully. As soon as my actions stopped he begged for a repeat.

His brother watched the DVD I had brought along, not once but several times. One viewing of talking cars and simple stories was enough for me.

The knee bounce lover also liked wedging himself between the wall and the sofa and coaxing Papa to cover the opening with  pillows so he could "hiding".  Of course Papa's stacking skills were employed a multitude of times.

Bedtime stories were the same ones every night and oatmeal for breakfast four days in a row was by popular choice.

Living for a week with my daughter and her family was such a treat!
Children thrive on consistency and predictibility. Bedtime routine, scheduled naps, mealtime, chores and favorite toys and games. It was fun to watch and be part of the action.

I did tire of doing the same thing over and over. When the visist ended I would be able to choose v-a-r-i-e-t-y! Yet how different do my activities look from day to day? Work doesn't change much. I like to play app games over and over or eat the same favorite snacks. Buy me the wrong toothpaste brand and watch my reaction! Even though I may get away with an erratic bedtime schedule for a day or two, I know I'm wiser to stay in a good sleep pattern.

Maybe that's reflective of being made in the Creator's image. He's not the author of confusion but a God of order. The days come and go consistently. Laws of nature are so predictable we are rarely conscience of them. I am thankful for the sameness in my life.

Yet we reflect a God who is also artist, beginner of newness, and giver of unexpected rewards and a Lover whose love is sure and constant , but also wild and crazy.

"He's not safe, but he's good". (C.S. Lewis about Aslan)

What's not to love then about this life he's called us to? Whether you're feeling stuck in the monotony of routine or longing for stability or wish you were more in charge of the seasons of your life, know that our God is good and as we trust him for all of life we will live free from boredom and fear of change.

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  1. They say variety is the spice of life. Change can be very good but there is also security in the well known. Thank you for sharing this thought provokung post.


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