Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DST Thoughts

Warning: Not my usual kind of posting... I'm sounding off a bit today; about something that churns my stomach this time of year. Bear with me and add your thoughts, whatever side you are on :)*

Just when my soul is quickening to the change of season and emerging from tolerance of extended darkness, just when I rejoice in the return of a lighted morning sky on my way to work, I feel the shroud of guardedness enclosing me and stifling the euphoria. This glorious metamorphosis from hibernation in cavernous wintertime to exuberant dances with the new season’s luminous mornings was too soon snatched away by Daylight Savings Time.

I’ve learned to just grumble rather than obsess with madness at a governor who dared to mess with nature’s perfect design and coerced a Midwestern state to adopt such perverseness of time. What other choice do I have? Refuse to spring my clock forward? Stage a protest demonstration? Kick and scream every time I think about it? No, I have become resigned, for now, to this fateful nemesis.

It’s the party animals, I’m convinced who revel in the lighter later hours of evening. Prove to me, you degenerate lovers of pleasure, how DST has strengthened our economy. Where are the figures that show the favorable facts? That was your argument when this atrocity was first introduced. I’ve never heard what advantages have been gained; none I’m convinced. Perhaps the opposite happened, like a higher crime rate or more mental disorder expenses. But I’m sure you wouldn’t own up to any statistics in this direction. I’d wager no records have been kept of any DST effects of any kind. As long as you can continue your exploits in the broad daylight of night, you’ll bury your foul necks in the sand.

I still hope for change; I’d vote for any new leader who made this his/her most passionate platform priority. I’ve been stolen from, disrespected and subjected to a darkness that is totally unnecessary. When will others see the light of day? Morning has broken, folks, that’s why I’ve spoken.

*Aren't you glad that Life is so much bigger and worthwhile than time changes?!

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  1. LOL. Crackin' me up! Well, I have to say, as a lover of light in the evening, that I happen to ADORE DST. The longer hours of summer are great anyway, but more in the evening, when I'm most awake and excited to be alive, and when my hubby is with me again, is even better!

    Maybe you're a morning person? I am definitely NOT. I can't remember EVER feeling perfectly rested when I woke in the morning. I have no idea what it feels like to get out of bed with a spring in my step and a feeling of anticipation for the day ahead. My mornings are going well if I can give a sacrifice of praise to God knowing that it's a day He has made and it's going to require a heavy dose of the Holy Spirit to help me rejoice and be glad in it! Pray for me!!! :)


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