Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisdom for a Creative Mind

Recently, I received a revelation about pursuing new projects or plans I want to do.  My mind thinks very creatively, and I love to dream about how I could do this, or remake that, or repurpose something. Some of the schemes come to be, others are discarded, and some are tried with frustration being the result.  What if I prayed that God would lead me to pursue the ideas that He wanted me to accomplish and just let go of the others? And to do this early on in the thinking process, before I had wasted sleep time or money to gather the equipment to do the project?
I believe He will show me, and I will be more effective in what I put my hand to.

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  1. I can relate to this post. I too am a very creative person, sometimes that mean having a lot of ideas and things on my plate. I have found that. when we are in prayer God does guide us, He makes it easier to see the meaningful task.. The tasks that glorify Him and add to His kingdom. I believe through prayer He will lead you right where He wants you to be and it will be so much more than you ever dreamed!



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