Sunday, July 31, 2011


Did you ever think about the kinds of waiting we experience?

Waiting for something to arrive in the mail
Waiting at railroad crossings in our midwestern town--numerous times per day
Waiting to hear back from someone whom you are expecting an answer from
Waiting in line at the Post Office or BMV
Waiting at an appointment
Waiting for something dreaded to be over
Waiting for finances to do a project around the house
Waiting for finances to buy an item you want or need
Waiting to see an anemic character quality, get strengthened
Waiting to get healed, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically
Waiting for an adult child to get from dependence to independence to a comfortable friendship
Waiting to hear from God
Waiting to see God act in answer to a prayer

Which do you find the hardest to do? I was finding comfort in the passage from Isaiah 40 one day this week.
"They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.  They will mount up with wings like an eagle; they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not faint." 

I am waiting, right now, on a relationship. Waiting for someone to respond to me. Every time I call and no return call comes or a text is ignored I feel the anquish of expectations dashed. Then I struggle with how much to keep trying or just let it go completely.  I've gone too far before and pushed too hard.  I believe I am to let go and let God work it out, trusting in His goodness and timing. But it is so hard!! Could it be that God is working out an idol in my heart? In Peacemaker training I've learned that our good desires can become monster wants that cause us to makes demands on others when we don't get what we want.

Anyway, I am finding sweet comfort in waiting on the Lord.  This passage from Isaiah, as well as other Scriptures,  promise me good things if I wait: strength, mounting up, no weariness, and no fainting.  I will not be disappointed in Him and no "suffering" will be wasted. And in the meantime, I get to be changed for the better, as Patience does her perfect work in me.

So while waiting is difficult, I think I'd rather be in waiting on the Lover -of -My- Soul than some of the other waits I have to endure. Waiting on and for people can bring disappointment and great expense,  frustration, rejection, and loss. And I've let others down many times when they've waited on me. It's just our human way. 

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for always being  faithful and trustworthy and generous in giving me what I need most. Help me to wait on you!

There's a song I used to sing with my kids that goes like this:
Be patient,
Be patient,
Don't be in such a hurry.
When you get impatient you only start to worry.
Remember, remember
That God is patient, too
And think about the times that others have to wait for you!

May you be comforted today in waiting on the Lord.


  1. I used to sing that song to my five boys when they were young! I still sing it to my funny to see it here:)

    I know a little how you feel being the mom of boys. They don't seem to need you when they are grown, but I think deep down they are still those boys who we sang to, and they love us. There is a "pulling away" that takes place that I think is part of becoming men. They don't want to be "mothered" in the same way as when they were boys.

    I like your thoughts on waiting. I don't know why it is so hard to do...but it is. A dear friend showed me something about the word wait that I think was very good.


    I loved that! It was a reminder to me to wait quietly.

    Boys don't always like a lot of talking:)

    Charlotte/For Such A Time As This

  2. Thank you so much, Charlotte, for your wise and encouraging words! I do want to let my sons "pull away" and I'm so thankful this son is pulling away towards God. He has a beautiful heart and I'm so proud of him.
    I'm liking the acrostic for wait. I know as a mom I've talked way too much at times.
    Just nice to know you understand.
    Thanks again for hosting Spiritual Sundays!

  3. Just realized this Charlotte is not the Spiritual Sundays hostess. :) You both are a blessing to me.

  4. Hi. I just read the comments above. This is the Charlotte from Spiritual Sundays. I love the comments the other Charlotte makes. She does have wise and encouraging words.
    I am not good at waiting. It seems like there is always something in this life that I'm waiting for or waiting on. I hope I never get tired of waiting on the Lord.


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