Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sending Christmas Cheer

Cheers to Our Wonderful Friends & Family!

Kevin and I are celebrating another year of being beloved children of the Wonderful Counselor, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.

We continue in the same jobs, thankful for employment. Kevin helps clear the air at the air-compressor company as many fellow employees air their complaints. As always Kevin puts on no airs, but has plenty of opportunities to breathe grace and peace into his work place.

Several positions have been cut or eliminated at Goshen College, but my hours have actually increased slightly as I take on more responsibilities from another job that was cut
here in the library. I'm responsible to keep our student
workers all on the same page, throw the book at delinquent patrons and look for novel ways to promote our services. Periodically, I process interlibrary loan requests.

Jill & Elle Schrock

Josh is a sales rep for a printing company in OK and provides TLC for his two beautiful daughters, Jill (9) & Elle (7). During my visit with them in July we baked favorite family recipes, sewed doll clothes and decorated pottery pieces at the Purple Glaze.

Rebecca Hochstetler

Dan and Kris gave us another grandbaby April 30 when Rebecca was born. Dan works as a mason,
while Kris is a stay-at-home mom. Aubrey (6) started Kindergarten this Fall and Shawn (3) attends nursery school.
They are now proud owners
of a home
north of Goshen.

Shawn & Aubrey Hochstetler

Jodi and Emmanuel added to our bunch with little Dominic born, Nov. 21, in Pensacola, FL. I was privileged to watch his arrival and kept his big brother, Ian (2), occupied during the week of waiting for baby to come and the ensuing week
of transition a newborn brings. Kevin joined us
the second week. Eman works as a BMW
mechanic and Jodi is full-time at home.

Ian & Dominic Ringer

Austin graduated from Asbury University in May and is now located in Valparaiso, IN where he works at Starbucks and enjoys fellowship at the Bethel Church in town. He's renting with two other guys and hoping for an eventual social work job.

Amanda and AJ live in Elkhart and parent Auron (3) and Elika, another newborn this year, born August 27. AJ works at a shipping company, while pursing criminal law courses on line. Amanda mothers full-time at home.

Auron & Elika Bumgardner

Kevin and I enjoy the fellowship at Zion Chapel and serve in several ministries. We are excited about the Peacemaker training we have received through Peacemakers Ministry and are on a team that provides conflict solutions coaching and mediation. It's a new venture for our church and we're hoping to grow in our skills and opportunities. God's heart is for reconciliation and He's demonstrated His love for us through the Gospel, even while we were yet sinners. What a message to change the hearts in conflict all around us! We the most forgiven, can be the most forgiving.

Other significant happenings this year: Allen & Doris Schrock celebrating their 60th anniversary at a family gathering this summer, attending the Peacemaker conference in Washington DC in Oct., and the all the fabulous moments with many of you at our home or yours, or through virtual visits online.

We cheer you on in all your endeavors and send you blessings of His Peace and Joy, and His Comforting presence in the hardships we all encounter.

Our love to you,
Kevin and Ruth


  1. What a great year of births and good news! Thanks for the e-christmas card as it saves us paper and you time! :) Much love to all your family and have a wonderful holliday!
    Sarah, Dave, Daniel, Dylan, and Dominique Carrington

  2. Wonderful summary of events! Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted on your family. We look forward to seeing you at the Hochstetler family gathering!

  3. Great idea, Ruth! Thanks for the updates! Miss you and hope to see you again soon :).

  4. Thanks for the updates on your growing family! I loved the pics and catching up on everyone. Merry Christmas! God is good! All the time! Love, Naomi


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