Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 14th Anniversary

She set the GPS to Logan, O. and the trip away from the family reunion was underway. How refreshing to travel scenic routes rather than the monotonous freeway! Time was not a great factor, so the pace allowed for frequent stops, enjoying the route. Humorously, one potty-break came soon after a sign for Pee Run Rd. They crossed the Cheat Mountains in West Virginia and she read to him while he focused on driving.
'Destination on left' was announced several hours later and the car was unloaded at the hotel. It wasn't a fancy place to stay, but the money saved went towards the gourmet meal at the log-cabin restaurant later that evening. They spoke of years gone by and dreamed about the future again. Sleep came easy that night after bellies full of food and wine.
Plans to hike the State Park the next day were slightly foiled with rainy weather, but they plowed on over the 4 mile trail anyway. Wet and tired, the anticipated long trip to home seemed formidable. But again, the things to see along the non-highway roads, coupled with snacks to munch on and an inspiring time of voicing prayers for the children, made the time pass rather quickly.
Thankful to be home, they unpacked the car, showered and crawled into bed, the oh, so familiar bed. And that's how the celebration went. They are blessed to have each other and to know God is directing their steps and that each year is a gift from Him.

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