Thursday, November 12, 2009

30 days of Thanksgiving

Day # 13
Little Things Make a Difference
My 'little things' list:
Smiles, a packet of Hot Chocolate stirred into a mug of coffee, sticky notes, Avon hand sanitizers, internet radio, popcorn, an hour for lunch, a good neighborhood to walk in...

Thank you, Father, for the little things that really weigh in as very valuable as I stop to consider them. You have made me to lie down besides still waters. I drink of your living water today. May it spring up from within me as you fill me. (I'm meditating in John 4 for my weekly Bible study.) May those I care about be filled with your living water today and may it wash over them, cleansing them from fear, anxiety and discouragement. May strength, hope, and confidence spring up within them.

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