Tuesday, January 18, 2011


“Recalculating, recalculating.”
Our techy- trained mind recognizes this too familiar voice from Ms. GPS. We’ve made a wrong move, gotten off the prescribed course and are headed away from our destination. What if the message was, “You need to start over”, or “There’s no going back”? “You blew it, Knucklehead!” Or what if she just shut down and you had to wait a long time before she would respond again?
Does Ms. GPS offer more grace than your God? When you blow it in decision making, or take a detour that costs time or expense, what does your spiritual GPS say? I’ve heard the accusatory messages far oftener than the recalculating prompt. One dictionary definition defines calculate as, making suitable or fit for a purpose. We count on the GPS to make a suitable plan for getting us to our destination. We get off track; the GPS wizard makes adjustments. We choose a detour, and she wastes no time in trying to get us back on course.
God has made a perfect plan for us to reach our purpose in him. What if we would let him recalculate the Plan when we get off track? Instead, we tend to feel hopelessness or try and refigure things from our point of view. Or we’ve deliberately chosen a different path. Can we still trust God to work all things together for good? Some of the hardest voices for me to shut off in those times are the accusations that sound far more irreparable than recalculating. I may also imagine God is silently cutting me off and will make me wait for further instruction while he first gets his anger under control, or until I feel sufficiently punished, whichever comes first. Wouldn’t it be more in line with his character to embrace the image of his gentle wisdom making suitable plans to get us back on track? And wouldn’t punishing us by making us wait seem counterproductive to His desire to have us make the most of every opportunity? His grace says that we’ll find a place to u-turn, that he’ll do the recalculating while we trust his computations and that he’ll again be there to lead us turn by turn.
Let’s confidently take God’s directions without fearing our mistakes or fearing getting lost. Just as Ms. GPS has scoped out the route ahead and possesses the knowledge to inform us of the comfort stops, the lodging places and the filling stations along the way, so the Master planner of our lives knows the path we are traveling. We’ll do well to trust his global positioning system to get us to our destination.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Blues Muse

Watching the snow fall and enjoying winter! Our resident wild turkey just strutted past my window. The neighbor's Christmas lawn decorations still stand. Inside, the bed covers ripple haphadzardly across my bed as I lounge among the folds recouperating from a head cold. The small space heater hums nearby. It's a different kind of day as I pull back from normal activities and let my body slow down. He is here, in the moments, surrounding my thoughts and befriending me. A friend that sticks closer than a brother.
Your Kingdom come, your will be done, today, in me.
Love you, Lord.